IT Security Services

IT Security Services

When done properly, IT Security is a culture that embraces the need to say ‘yes’ to business processes, in a safe and responsible way. It will help the company grow its own rigorous and ongoing processes to protect your organization. Consistency of operations, protection of institutional memory, intellectual capital, and the peace of mind that comes from taking prudent steps to protect company assets, are all smart business outcomes arising from an attention to the reality of doing business in an Internet-connected world.  Unfortunately, achieving a proper level of protection can be time-consuming, costly and complex. Security is a process that encompasses the entire organization, guided and aided by seasoned security experts. When it comes to the security of your organization, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Is your organization fostering a security culture that supports your business goals?
  • Are you doing what you are required to do?
  • Are you doing what you should be doing?
  • Do you know where your risks are and do you deal with them properly?

Why Winxnet for IT Security Services?

Domain Expertise

Our team consists of senior consultants who bring over 20 years of direct industry experience and maintain specific credentials, including Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). The team has the depth and breadth of experience to meet every security-related need from security-focused strategy to troubleshooting virus/malware outbreaks.

Business Value

Winxnet applies a value-based methodology, focusing on business objectives and operational efficiencies. Senior consultants interpret identified risks relative to your operating environment and regulatory requirements, and recommend mitigation activities based on the most pertinent needs of your organization. Not all identified risks call for immediate remediation, and we help you make choices about the risks you can tolerate, given the operating context and budget constraints.


Winxnet has a dedicated security team whose sole focus is information security. We assign all team resources to the development, execution, and long-term success of this core focus area.  Our security experts deliver unparalleled professional expertise and help strengthen your security posture.


The principle of integrity is one of the core values at Winxnet. Vendor rotation is an essential component of an effective and sustainable information security program, and Winxnet will forego service engagements which could potentially be viewed as compromising our ability to deliver unbiased results or recommendations. 


Managed Security Services

Unlike traditional once or twice a year audits, Winxnet’s Managed Security delivers continuous security and response support to ensure issues are identified and resolved  as they arise, not months later.

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Security Consulting

Ensuring that your organization's information is secure can be a daunting task. Winxnet Security Consultants provide the experience and expertise to help with all your security needs. Whether it be creating a strategic plan or providing security assessments, our securi…

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