Network & Infrastructure Solutions

Unified Communications


Client Challenges

Organizations are moving more data and applications to the cloud.  Video streaming is increasing rapidly as its use expands in areas such as marketing, training, and communication. As a result, the bandwidth needs of organizations are growing rapidly.  Winxnet’s networking solutions help organizations leverage the exciting and increasingly complex advancements in networking technology to address these needs. Our team of experts stays on top of IT manufacturer innovations, tracks new technologies, and helps you make decisions about which technologies make sense for your company.

Once technologies are selected, the next challenge is configuration and implementation. Many businesses find it difficult to configure all the features and functionality inherent in these technologies. Winxnet has certified experts who can help ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

The payoff for your business? Increased security, simplified operations, and improved application performance.


Our Solutions

Winxnet experts have decades of experience architecting, deploying and maintaining the most complex of networking infrastructures.  Our team designs and builds core networks that carry voice, video and data across local environments, wide area networks and campus build-outs.  Additionally, we specialize in wireless networking and broad mobility support.  Core to all of our networking solutions is the integration of advanced security design to ensure maximum data protection across all modalities.

  • LAN/WAN: Maximizing the efficiency and capabilities or networks to securely deliver voice, video and data across locations.
  • WAN Optimization: Ensuring the ideal configuration and management of wide area networks and optimizing bandwidth utilization for the appropriate network workloads.
  • Wireless: Reliable, secure and fast wireless networking for local and campus based settings.