Other Healthcare Organizations

Government regulation and increasingly sophisticated health IT requirements have executives focusing more attention on technology-related challenges than ever before. Winxnet, a HIPAA compliant IT consulting and outsourcing firm, has with worked hundreds of healthcare organizations, including rehabilitation and therapy groups, assisted living and long term care facilities, home care and hospice organizations, and diagnostic and ancillary services teams.  We help these organizations cost-effectively address technology and security and compliance challenges with solutions such as:

Managed Services and Outsourced IT

Few healthcare organizations have the size and scale to effectively manage their IT needs with in-house resources. Rather than compromise on quality, leading organizations engage Winxnet for the IT infrastructure and expertise they really need at a predictable and affordable price. Winxnet’s offering meets the entire spectrum of IT needs, including:

  • Full IT Outsourcing
  • Strategic IT direction and Virtual CIO support
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and management of networks, devices, infrastructure systems, security, EHRs, etc.
  • Health IT systems management (including EHR)
  • HIPAA security & compliance management
  • End user helpdesk
  • IT procurement and vendor management
  • Website hosting, management and maintenance
  • Custom software, SharePoint, and database management and maintenance

Visit the Managed IT Services section of our website to learn more.

IT Strategic Planning and Virtual CIO

Few healthcare organizations can afford to have a CIO or strategic IT resource on staff. As a result, there is often a knowledge and information gap that leads executives wishing they could have greater visibility and control over technology investments and expenditures.  A Virtual CIO

  • Works with your leadership team to understand the organization’s objectives and strategic direction
  • Conducts and assessment to identify critical gaps, routine/expected expenses, and upcoming technology lifecycle events
  • Develops and helps leaders gain consensus around a multi-year strategic IT plan and budget
  • Supports the organization in prioritizing IT initiatives as necessary to meet budget constraints
  • Provides ongoing leadership to the IT team

With an appropriate IT plan, budget and management structure in place, leaders can focus their attention on their core mission. Visit the IT Strategy & Virtual CIO section of our website to learn more.

HIPAA Security and Compliance

Meeting HIPAA security requirements takes more than just implementing a HIPAA compliant EHR. As the outsourced IT provider to numerous healthcare organizations, Winxnet has a deep understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements and the tactical expertise to implement and manage compliance programs. Winxnet’s Certified HIPAA Security & Compliance Professionals (CHSCP) help organizations:

  • Understand HIPAA and HITECH requirements as they apply to your organization 
  • Develop and implement procedures, processes, technology, and documentation for all compliance requirements
  • Address HIPAA compliance as it relates to ePHI maintained outside of an EHR
  • Manage some or all aspects of compliance via an outsourced model
  • Conduct Meaningful Use risk assessments
  • Audit for HIPAA and HITECH compliance

Network and Infrastructure Services

Winxnet has a team of certified experts on staff to assist with virtually every network and infrastructure project a organization could need to undertake, including

  • Wired and Wireless Network installation/upgrade
  • PC, laptop and smart device configuration and management
  • Data Center, Cloud, and Virtualization initiatives
  • Phone systems and Unified Communications

Visit the Network and Infrastructure Solutions section of our website to learn more.

Custom Software and Databases

For organizations that have SQL databases, custom software and/or mobile apps in house, Winxnet has experts on staff that can assist.  Whether you are looking for support with a project or to outsource the ongoing management of these areas to an expert, Winxnet has a solution that meets your needs.  Visit the Custom Software and Applications and/or Database Services sections of our website to learn more.

SharePoint Solutions

For organizations that use or are considering SharePoint for knowledge management, records management, process automation, information sharing and/or compliance, Winxnet has a team of experts that understands how to deliver successful, value-creating SharePoint implementations in a healthcare setting.

As a Microsoft partner with Gold Collaboration and Content Competency, not only do we have the technical skills required to deploy, customize, upgrade and manage the platform, but we understand the human and operational aspects of SharePoint which are so critical for ensuring deployments achieve expected results and ROI. Visit the SharePoint Services section of our website to learn more.

Website Design, Development and Hosting

Winxnet designs, develops and hosts websites for a wide range of organizations.  To learn more about our capabilities in this area, visit the Website Design, Development and Hosting section of our website.