Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks

Healthcare delivery consolidation continues to put intense pressure on already over-worked IT departments.  For independent hospitals, reducing IT costs and increasing efficiencies are priorities.  While IDNs are under pressure to integrate acquired hospitals and physician practices and simultaneously support end users and manage the rollout of new technologies to their existing network.

Winxnet offers a wide range of solutions designed to relieve the pressure and assist IT leaders in efficiently and cost effectively achieving their objectives. 

Managed Services and Outsourced IT

Some IT leaders find they have a long and growing list of strategic projects which are taking a back seat while their team is busy fighting fires and addressing the day-to-day needs of end users.  Others are under pressure to reduce headcount and are considering alternative solutions for delivering IT services.  Winxnet can structure a Managed Services solution to address these needs.  Organizations that engage Winxnet for Managed Services are able to reduce tactical IT costs and free existing staff to focus on the initiatives that really matter to the organization. 

Winxnet’s Managed Services offerings are much broader than most Managed Services providers because our technology capabilities extend to cover the entire breadth of technologies found within most organizations.  Examples include:

  • 24/7/365 tactical monitoring and management of networks, devices, infrastructure systems, security, EHRs, and custom applications
  • End user helpdesk
  • Custom software management and maintenance
  • SharePoint management and maintenance
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Website hosting, management and maintenance
  • Procurement and vendor management
  • Health IT systems management (including EHR and HIPAA security and compliance)
  • Full IT Outsourcing

 Visit the Managed IT Services section of our website to learn more.

HIPAA Security and Compliance

Meeting and demonstrating HIPAA compliance presents a number of operational challenges which can take the organization’s focus away from where it needs to be – on patient care. It is best for all involved that the process for demonstrating that ePHI is protected and security controls are in place and working is handled as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. 

Winxnet offers a Security & Compliance Management (SCM) service that, unlike traditional Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) tools, delivers all of the essential security and compliance capabilities you need to be ready for your audit. Because this is a service delivered by Winxnet’s team of Security Analysts, there is no additional work required by your staff and your organization benefits from a proven, lower cost, more streamlined compliance management solution. 

Read our Health IT Security & Compliance Management information sheet or contact to learn more about this offering.

IT Strategy and Virtual CIO

Some organizations have budget constraints which prevent them from having a full-time CIO.  As a result, executive ownership for IT falls with other leaders who generally don’t have the time or expertise to confidently plan, budget, and manage the organization’s IT initiatives.

Winxnet offers IT Strategy and fractional CIO services that are designed to take the pressure off of the executive team by providing the organization with just the right amount of ongoing strategic IT guidance at an affordable price. Visit the IT Strategy and Virtual CIO section of our website to learn more.

Network and Infrastructure Services

As projects arise that require additional resources or capabilities that aren’t available in house, Winxnet has experienced, certified experts on staff that can assist. Examples of support we can provide include:

  • Wired and wireless network, PC, and smart device expansion/upgrade
  • Datacenter, virtualization, cloud initiatives
  • Security updates
  • Unified Communications implementations/upgrades
  • CISCO phone system support

For more information about our capabilities and solutions visit the Network and Infrastructure section of our website.

Database Services

For organizations that have SQL Server databases in house, Winxnet offers a range of solutions to support any need that may arise.  Visit the Database Services section of our website for more information.

Custom Software and Applications

For organizations that rely on custom software to operate or have or need mobile apps, Winxnet’s Custom Software and Applications team offers a range of services to meet your needs in these areas.  Visit the Custom Software and Applications section of our website for more information.

SharePoint Solutions

For organizations that have SharePoint in house or are considering implementing SharePoint, Winxnet has a track record dating back to 2001 for engaging with organizations to ensure successful, value-creating SharePoint implementations. As a Microsoft partner with Gold Collaboration and Content Competency, not only do we have the technical skills required to deploy, customize, upgrade and manage the platform, but we understand the human and operational aspects of SharePoint which are so critical for ensuring deployments achieve expected results and ROI. Visit the SharePoint Services section of our website to learn more.

Website Design, Development and Hosting

Winxnet designs, develops and hosts websites for a wide range of organizations.  To learn more about our capabilities in this area, visit the Website Design, Development and Hosting section of our website.