SQL Server Professional Services

Data Grows, Budget Shrinks – Sound Familiar?

It’s a common problem – your database size and usage have outgrown their original design while your IT budget has been reduced. Application performance, however, remains crucial to your organization! Where can you turn?

Engage Winxnet’s SQL Server Professional Services team to apply performance tuning methodologies and best practices in SQL Server management to your database environment. We mentor and share our expertise, providing you with the skills, tools, and resources to harness your database. We empower your team to react confidently.

Onsite Performance Tuning Services

Leverage our tuning services offering to do more with your existing hardware and code base. Don’t invest countless resource hours diagnosing problems, rebuilding, or purchasing new hardware; our SQL Server experts can improve performance without major changes or help you transition to a new design if needed.

Custom Database Development and Architectural Support

Need system design and architecture support? Winxnet has a strong team of database professionals who are not only experts in all facets of SQL Server, but are also fully versed in the design and creation of custom database schemas to support your data needs.  In real world database development, there is always a delicate balance between performance and good data design and Winxnet’s team understands that. Whether you require high performance, always-on redundancy, or ease of reporting and integration, we work with you to understand your needs and drive a design that delivers. 

Business Intelligence

In most organizations the data that leaders need to make important business decisions does not come from any one system.  Instead, it resides in disparate formats across multiple systems.  While building a data warehouse and accessing it with an off-the-shelf business intelligence tool may seem like the right solution, these initiatives often fall short of expectations, due to high cost or lack of expertise. 

Winxnet approaches business intelligence initiatives differently than most technology companies.  Rather than starting with a specific technology solution, we start by helping your organization define the decisions that need to be made, the questions that need to be answered, and the metrics and measures involved in answering the questions.  From there, we develop a technology solution that meets your specific needs within the confines of your budget. 

Whether that solution is a large data warehouse with sophisticated ETL tools and business intelligence reporting solutions or a few custom reports that leverage the existing business applications you have in-house, Winxnet has experience with and access to the right technologies to meet your organization’s needs. Tools we leverage include, SQL Analysis Services, SQL BI, and Microsoft BI tools (Power Query, Power Map, Geoflow, Power Pivot, Power BI for Office 365, etc.).

After the Engagement

Winxnet remains only a phone call away if you have questions or a new set of problems presents. We will be familiar with your environment and ready to assist as needed. However, our goal is to leave you in a better position to handle your issues independently.