SQL Server Health Check

What is SQL Server Health Check?

SQL Server Health Check is a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies, assesses, and quantifies risk based on all factors that influence the availability and performance of SQL Server databases. Developed by Winxnet SQL Server experts, it evaluates SQL Server environments on 17 dimensions spanning five major areas: CPU, Memory, Disk, Configuration, and Application Performance.

The diagnostic yields health scores for each of these areas and provides detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of the SQL Server environment. Our team of experts delivers a readout with key findings and specific recommendations for addressing each area of risk.

Why Do I Need a SQL Server Health Check?

If your organization stores customer, product, employee, and/or operations information in databases, then the viability of your business is dependent on the integrity and health of those databases.

While tools exist to evaluate database performance and alert administrators when thresholds are reached, there are so many approaches to configuring database environments and so many hardware and middleware technologies are at play, that existing tools are unable to provide a complete view of all areas of risk exposure.

What Should I Expect To Get Out Of A SQL Server Health Check?

A SQL Server Health Check enables organizations to:

  • Diagnose underlying root causes for SQL-related issues
  • Uncover hidden risks which, if left unaddressed, could lead to performance issues and outages
  • Identify efficiency improvements which can eliminate the need for additional hardware
  • Gain visibility into the impact of third party applications and to disaster recovery preparedness
  • Assemble the data needed to drive technology investment decisions
  • Learn the specific steps to take to limit risk and/or capitalize on areas of opportunity

What Happens After The Health Check?

If needed, Winxnet has experts available to support your team in taking action on SQL Server Health Check recommendations.

Winxnet also offers a 24/7 SQL Monitoring solution, which leverages Health Check technology to track critical SQL server activity and alert technicians to heightened risks before they impact your business.