Remote Database Administration

Microsoft SQL Server Remote Database Administrator Program

The Winxnet SQL Server Remote DBA Program enables companies to maintain complex SQL Server database environments on a reduced budget. This Service provides ‘sleep-at-night’ security through a combination of Telephone Support, Web Based Support, Remote Monitoring and Proactive Administration.

In addition to the regular maintenance and support, you will be able to include one of our Database Administrator staff members in your regular IT meetings to ensure everyone on your team has the full picture. Our goal is to work with your staff to ensure they have the skills to manage your infrastructure long term.

Database Monitoring Services

The following services are covered under this program including an initial full database health check, production of a findings report, and a block of support hours per month to remedy any database issues discovered through our monitoring service.

Backup & Recovery

  • Monitor backups for successful completion
  • Monitor disk space used to support archive logs

Service Packs & Hot fixes

  • Application of all service packs and hot fixes as required

Database Errors

  • Weekly Review of Database Error Logs
  • Weekly Review of Event Logs for Database Related issues


  • DB System Status Monitoring (Up/Down)
  • DB Space Threshold Violations
  • OS Space Threshold Violations
  • OS Memory Threshold Violations
  • OS CPU Consumptions Threshold Violations

Notifications / Escalations

  • Notification When Potential System Availability Issue Discovered
  • Notification When Potential System Resource Issue Discovered (disk/memory)

Production Emergency Response Service

  • Restore database system to normal state
  • Database problem determination

Database Recovery

  • Determine root cause of critical alarms
  • Corrective action to alarm conditions

Operational Administration

  • Root cause analysis review via trend analysis
  • Corrective action to prevent re-occurrence
  • Statistical Updates

MS SQL Server Additional Services and Project Services

  • Index Tuning
  • Database Performance Analysis
  • Poorly Performing SQL Query Analysis
  • Capacity Planning and Sizing
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • Conceptual Data Design & Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • Version Upgrade Support
  • SQL Reporting Services Report Writing and Setup