Application & Data Management Services

Application & Data Management Services

Do you ever find yourself asking “What if...?"

  • We were faster and better at delivering the answers than our competition
  • This old system we’re using wasn’t so slow and clunky
  • We could make updates from our mobile devices instead of needing a PC
  • We had one set of data that was the source of truth for our organization
  • I could access the information myself rather than needing to ask someone for a report

Winxnet’s Application & Data Management Services development team helps organizations work smarter by leveraging technology to address inefficiencies, improve customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage. 

Whether its productivity applications, integration points, process tools, databases, or mobile web applications, Winxnet delivers solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why Winxnet?

Winxnet’s application software development team has extensive experience designing, developing and implementing custom software across a wide range of industries, including those impacted by government regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and 17a-4.

We work with startups to Fortune 500 entities, helping them to streamline processes, fill functionality gaps and operate more efficiently

Our team has experience developing solutions ranging from enterprise management systems to mobile apps and websites, portals, third party software integrations, databases and business intelligence tools.

Winxnet places a heavy emphasis on requirements gathering, technology choice and project management, as these are the most critical success drivers for custom software development initiatives. We have extensive experience with agile methodologies, leverage proven development and quality assurance practices, and offer dependable ongoing support.

While Winxnet primarily leverages Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQLServer, etc.), we also have experience with other technologies and will always recommend the most appropriate technology based on business needs and budget constraints.

For organizations that prefer to outsource the ongoing management and maintenance of their custom application, Winxnet also offers a Managed Service called Custom Application Management and Support.  There is more detail about this offering on this section of our website.

Application Software Development

Winxnet’s Maine-based Application & Data Management Services team has extensive experience managing, executing, and supporting custom software development initiatives for organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

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Rescue Development

The complex, cross-functional nature of application software initiatives makes it difficult to know what to do when projects go off course.  Winxnet’s Rescue Development program helps identify the root cause and develop a plan to right the ship.

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Mobile Development

Winxnet helps organizations understand the needs of their mobile constituents and design and develop mobile applications and websites which effectively meet these needs.

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Software Integration

Winxnet’s custom software development team has deep experience working with organizations to make their systems share information and work together more seamlessly.  

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SDLC/ALM & Consulting and Mentoring

Many organizations with custom software applications have some expertise in house, but not necessarily the depth and breadth that they need over time.  Winxnet's team can fill experience and capabilities gaps and/or help advise and mentor existing staff.

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