Winxnet offers a broad range of technology solutions that are designed to address all the IT needs for corporations, non-profits, healthcare organizations and public sector entities. 

Managed IT Services & Outsourcing

There are a wide range of fundamentally sound and effective approaches for meeting the IT needs of an organization.  Some organizations choose to keep the function completely in-house. Others choose to outsource all aspects of IT to a partner. Many …

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IT Strategy & Virtual CIO

Most small and mid-sized organizations find it impossible to justify having a true CIO on staff. As a result, executive ownership for IT falls with other leaders who generally lack the time and expertise to confidently plan, budget, and manage the organizatio…

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IT Security Services

When done properly, IT Security is a culture that embraces the need to say ‘yes’ to business processes, in a safe and responsible way. It will help the company grow its own rigorous and ongoing processes to protect your organization. Consistency o…

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Cloud Services

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are taking advantage of the Cloud. The benefits include ease of management, speed of deployment, scalability, redundancy, greater reliability, predictable costs, and the end of capital spending on infrastru…

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Application & Data Management Services

Do you ever find yourself asking “What if...?"

  • We were faster and better at delivering the answers than our competition
  • This old system we’re using wasn’t so slow and clunky
  • We could make updates from our mobile devices instead of ne…

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Database Services

As the amount of customer and operational information stored by organizations continues to rise, so does the complexity of managing that data.  Winxnet has database experts available to help with all aspects of data management, from database design to d…

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Network & Infrastructure Solutions

Winxnet's Network and Infrastructure experts help organizations architect, implement and manage the technologies that allow their organization to operate.    

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Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare organizations face unique technology challenges that are so closely connected to the delivery of care, that the quality of IT can directly impact the quality of care.  As a result, finding the right healthcare IT services partner is critical.&…

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