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Referral bonuses, eye for Maine connections win talent for Winxnet
Posted on 11/04/2014, By Jennifer Van Allen

The company also looks for integrity as it competes to recruit top employees in a tight talent market.

Winxnet chief executive Chris Claudio is only half joking when he says he wishes that everyone would stop talking about creating jobs.

He is having enough trouble as it is recruiting software developers, systems engineers, network engineers and help desk professionals to work at his IT consulting and outsourcing firm in Portland, despite the fact that salaries generally run well above the average Maine household income of nearly $47,000.

"Talent is hard to find and bring up to speed," said Claudio."It's a tight marketplace."

Solving that problem has become a big priority for Claudio as his 15-year-old company experiences meteoric growth. Winxnet's revenues swelled by 189 percent between 2009 and 2013, and are projected to hit $15 million this year. The company was twice named to Inc. magazine's list of fastest-growing companies. Two years ago, Claudio hired 20 new people.

This year, the company has been on an acquisition tear. In April, Winxnet bought InfoSecurus, a Portland-based information security firm, and made two acquisitions in New England that could more than triple annual revenues by 2016.

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What Key Principles are Driving Your IT Budgeting Process?
Posted on 11/21/2014 9:00:54 AM by Chris Claudio

This post serves as the second installment following my presentation at the Portland Regional Chamber about "Effective Strategic IT Planning". In my first post on this topic I spoke about four pervasive and generally false myths around IT strategic planning. With that information under our belts, I am going to focus this post on the five key principles that should drive your IT budgeting process. While budgeting is usually not a favorite activity, a clear and realistic budget planning process can often make or break your fiscal year. A successful IT budget should always be driven by strategic business goals. Most importantly, they should be measureable, repeatable, accountable, and managed by the right level of leadership -- whether those people are internal or external. While all of this sounds simple, I am consistently shocked at how many businesses do not craft their IT spend around their own strategic business objectives. This planning disconnect would be like designing a car without taking into account the fact that the tires will one day touch the road.

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Out-Running Your Friend: Five Basics of Cyber Security
Posted on 11/24/2014 1:24:39 PM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

As a part of Winxnet's ongoing Technology Series at the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a motivated group of business leaders about "Building a Culture of Security in your Organization". Here are some thoughts from that presentation.

Traditionally information security has meant "no" -- it's about things you cannot do in order to keep your customer's data safe. While the safest computer is one that is turned off and unplugged, it is also the most useless one. With a bit of time and effort (elbow grease and/or money), IT security will be more about finding creative ways of saying "yes". Security by definition is a hassle -- password changes, firewalls, policies and procedures -- all have the perception of making your work more difficult and cumbersome. Our job is to help you define a path for your organization make IT Security into a business enabler.

Here are five things to help you on your way of getting there.

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November 2014
Referral bonuses, eye for Maine connections win talent for Winxnet
What Key Principles are Driving Your IT Budgeting Process?
Out-Running Your Friend: Five Basics of Cyber Security
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On the Moves:

Ben Everett
Ben Everett joins Winxnet as a Technical Support Specialist. Before joining Winxnet, Ben gained valuable experience as a technician at Husson University in their Information Resources Department, Aroostook Technologies and Certified Network Systems (CNS). Ben's significant technical experience will make an immediate impact to Winxnet as the company continues its rapid growth.

Rebekah Michaud
Rebekah Michaud joins Winxnet as an Executive Assistant. Before Joining Winxnet Rebekah was a Physician Recruiter and Human Resources Assistant at Northern Maine Medical Center, where she was responsible for the recruiting of a variety of positions at the hospital. Before NMMC, Rebekah was a Recruiter and Account Manager at Apex Systems, an IT staffing company. Rebekah will serve a key role supporting Winxnet as the company continues its rapid growth.

Patty Farmer
Patty Farmer joins Winxnet as a Report Writer with the Application Development team. Patty brings with her extensive experience designing, demonstrating, implementing, analyzing, training, and writing documents and reports. Patty's experience with multiple reporting platforms will make an immediate impact to Winxnet as they continue their rapid growth.

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