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Winxnet Launches SQL Server Health Check Diagnostic

New solution identifies, assesses, and quantifies risk based on all factors that impact database availability and performance

PORTLAND, Maine  -  July 30, 2013  --  Winxnet, an IT outsourcing and consulting firm that supports the complete IT strategy and services needs of small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the launch of their new SQL Server Health Check diagnostic.

For organizations that store customer, product, employee, and operations information in databases, the viability of their business is dependent on the integrity and health of those databases. "In the line of work that we are in, we have seen all too often how quickly a business can grind to a halt when employees and customers are unable to access critical information from a database," said John Kitonis, Business Practice Lead for Winxnet's Database and Custom Application Development Team. "Databases are a lot like boats  -  they may be fine for a while, but unless you are consistently maintaining them, one day they will probably just decide to stop working and the implications could be disastrous."

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With Office 365, there's no reason to compromise

used with permission from Microsoft
by Michael Atalla

A lot is said these days about the choices people and organizations are faced with when adopting technology. In the end, it's all about productivity. All of these decisions are made with the aim of optimizing your productivity -- whether you're a stay-at-home mom, accountant, student, or business person.

As people navigate these decisions, their ability to do great work revolves around having the right mix of capabilities delivered by a company they can trust. Why? Because there's an actual cost to compromising our productivity. There's a cost to the time and money spent retraining workers to use unfamiliar applications and applications that don't do what people need them to do or that require workarounds. There's a cost to having to purchase add-on technologies to gain the capabilities you need to be successful. And there's a cost associated with the inability to access the information that's important to you simply because you don't have an Internet connection.

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The "Mobile-First" Boom

used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com

So you just missed the last plane home because you're stuck in traffic in an unfamiliar city. It's late. You're tired, cranky. You need a hotel -- fast. Fortunately, among your smartphone apps is Hotel Tonight, which claims to provide easy mobile booking of same-day unsold hotel inventory. With one eye and one thumb on your phone screen, you launch the app and secure a last-minute deal. Time elapsed: seconds. Effort required: no more than a few taps.

Welcome to the world of "mobile-first" design, in which apps are primarily and uniquely tailored to the mobile medium, versus being shrunken-down versions of Web apps. It's not exactly a new trend, but with more businesses realizing that success or failure in the modern economy may be tied to their mobile engagement strategy, it's gathering momentum fast. Some industry experts say 2013 could be the year it takes off.

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Notebook or Tablet?

used with permission from HP Technology at Work

If the rumors are to be believed, 2013 will be the year that worldwide sales of tablet PCs overtake notebooks. The second half of 2012 saw increasing demands for tablets as new screen sizes and price points were introduced. In fact, tablets have already outsold notebooks in China and North America.

So, where does this leave notebooks? When notebooks first entered the market, their mobility was heralded as being a technological breakthrough. These days, mobility is more of an expectation than advancement. Once tablets hit the market with their smaller-than-notebook size and almost-as-powerful-as-a-notebook processors, it was just a matter of time before the line between notebooks and tablets began to blur.

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July 2013

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Winxnet Launches SQL Server Health Check Diagnostic

With Office 365, there's no reason to compromise

The "Mobile-First" Boom

Notebook or Tablet?

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