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Top 10 New Business Features in Windows 8

With Windows 8 now available, what are the best features for business use? Here are ten new or enhanced features!

1. Trusted boot/secure boot (UEFI)

This implements a secure boot process and allows the machine to verify the integrity of the network environment, thus preventing malicious code from executing before the computer boots into the operating system. This means that your machine is protected before the Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software is able to load when booting up, protecting you against attacks such as root-kits.

2. Windows-to-go (Enterprise Edition)

This is a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 desktop on a bootable USB drive. As an example, this allows employees to take the USB drive home and use Windows-to-go at home instead of connecting via a VPN connection, creating a more secure BYOD option for employees.

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Small Businesses Going to the Cloud: Three Top Considerations

Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Anne Field

A look at the issues small companies need to make sure they address before jumping into cloud computing.

Small businesses, of course, can save a ton of money and gain a lot of efficiencies by going to the cloud. But getting there isn't necessarily that simple. Fact is, one size does not fit all. "A startup marketing company, for example, may take a very different path from an established medical practice," says Igal Rabinovich, CEO of IT Help Central, a White Plains, NY consulting firm. Here are some key considerations to take into account before making the move.

Create a migration plan.

Best is not to make the change willy-nilly, particularly if you think you'll be moving many applications to the cloud. That means having a roadmap for how you'll proceed, introducing applications one at a time and testing each one before deciding to go ahead with it and then moving onto the next. You also need to include a training period for employees to learn how to use each application.

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For Virtualization, It's all about control

used with permission from IBM ForwardView

The use of virtualization, the consolidation of numerous systems and software on a single platform, allows companies to increase utilization rates while simplifying management of IT resources. In business terms, virtualization improves responsiveness by better meeting shifting business needs and ultimately saves the company's money, time and resources. For IT staff and the company's bottom line alike, what could be better than making your IT infrastructure more agile and nimble to meet constantly changing demand?

Midsize companies in particular have succumbed to the allure of virtualization. According to IBM's report "Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective" which surveyed 2,112 business and information technology decision makers around the world, about 67 percent of midmarket companies have started or plan to start investing in virtualization.

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What is Network-Attached Storage?

You may find yourself hitting snags when it comes to maintaining and storing increasing amounts of data for your business. One solution to these problems is a network-attached storage device.

Network-attached storage (NAS - usually pronounced "naz") is used to increase storage capacity on a network. A NAS device's sole purpose is to store and provide access to files. It is a self-contained unit that typically consists of multiple storage drives in a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configuration. Configuring a NAS device is simple and makes your data easy to manage.

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January 2013

              In this issue:

New Business Features in Windows 8

Small Businesses Going to the Cloud

For Virtualization, It's all About Control

What is Network Attached Storage?

New Hires:

Jeremy Hutchinson
Jeremy Hutchinson joins Winxnet as an Application/SharePoint Developer. Mr. Hutchinson brings to Winxnet more than 10 years of enterprise software design and development experience. Most recently, he worked as the Lead Software Developer at Ability Resources. Mr. Hutchinson's enterprise application development experience will benefit Winxnet as it grows locally and nationally.

Gary Lowell
Gary Lowell joins Winxnet as a Technical Support Specialist. Mr. Lowell brings to Winxnet more than 15 years of IT experience and over 60 IT-related certifications. Most recently, he worked as a Network Administrator for the Sanford Public School system. Mr. Lowell's professional IT support background benefits Winxnet as it grows locally and nationally.

Craig Bossie
Winxnet is delighted to welcome Craig Bossie back to its team as an application developer. With an MS in Computer Science, Mr. Bossie brings to Winxnet more than 13 years of experience in software engineering and application development. His advanced technical skills and former experience with Winxnet's clients benefit the company as it grows locally and nationally.

Steve Bedell
Steve Bedell joins Winxnet as a technical support specialist. After graduating from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in 1999, Mr. Bedell was an affiliate member of the Maine Computer Crimes Task Force. He worked for various technology companies during his time as a police officer before becoming a systems engineer for the local municipality's technology department.

Nathan McCoy
Nathan McCoy joins Winxnet as a technical specialist in the Chattanooga, TN office. With an A.S. in System, Networking and LAN/WAN Management from Chattanooga State Community College, Mr. McCoy brings to Winxnet more than eight years of technical support experience. Most recently, he worked as a security engineer contractor for Community Health Systems, Inc.

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