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Winxnet Ranked as Top 10 Best Places to Work in Maine
OCTOBER 13, 2017

Winxnet Ranked 8th in the Medium Employer Category

PORTLAND, Maine - Winxnet, a Maine-based IT outsourcing and consulting firm that meets the complete technology needs of private and public sector organizations, was ranked 8th in the Best Places to Work in Maine Medium Employer Category (50-249 Employees) at the awards celebration on October 10, 2017. This is the sixth year in a row that Winxnet has been recognized as a top employer in the state.

"Being named to this list continues to be exciting and humbling. To be on this list six years in a row is a testament to the commitment and determination of our entire staff. I am proud and grateful to finish in the top ten, and are honored to be listed amongst so many great companies." said CEO, Chris Claudio.

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CCleaner Malware Attack
Postedon 10/4/2017 2:31:43 PM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

A popular tool for cleaning your PC, CCleaner, was hacked to distribute malware directly to its users.

The app is designed to clean up your system for enhanced performance and was infected with a malicious payload that made it possible to download and execute other suspicious software.

Developers, such as Piriform and Avast, have confirmed the attack but luckily there is currently no evidence that the exploit was used to install additional malware. The malware was also programmed to collect user data such as: name of the computer, list of installed software, list of running programs and additional information about the system.

Cisco Talos reports the malware-version of CCleaner was downloaded by 2.27 million users. This report states that the malware was found in CCleaner version 5.33, which was distributed between August 15 and September 12.

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October 2017
Winxnet Ranked as Top 10 Best Places to Work in Maine
CCleaner Malware Attack
KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability
KRACK Wi-Fi Vulnerability
Posted on 10/17/2017 8:45:27 AM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

Yesterday morning, news sites broke out stories about the new KRACK vulnerability affecting wide-spread Wi-Fi security protocol WPA2. This underlying protocol has a design flaw that may allow attackers to decrypt traffic between computers and wireless access points.

While this is a serious issue that will need to be addressed by software vendors, we wanted to make sure you understand how this vulnerability may affect you and your business and what to do to mitigate the risks.

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On the Moves:

Kelsey Pietkiewicz - Office Coordinator
Kelsey Pietkiewicz recently joined Winxnet as an Office Coordinator for the Portland office. Kelsey previously worked at Performance Compound in Tampa as The Facility Director. Her experience in business and office management will help Winxnet continue to grow our client base.

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