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Winxnet Hosts Local Students and Speaks About Rules to Live By
Posted on NOVEMBER 16, 2015

A Small Group of Sixth Graders from King Middle School Spend the Morning at Portland Headquarters

Winxnet Press Release
PPORTLAND, Maine - Recently, Winxnet, an IT outsourcing and consulting firm headquartered in Portland, hosted a small group of sixth graders from King Middle School and spoke about "Rules to Live By."

This "Rules to Live By" expedition is focused on having the students think about ways they will be able to succeed and thrive at the King Middle School. The students are studying rules to live by and how these rules can influence people's lives, and how they impact the communities in which they live.

Jared Simms, a VCIO at Winxnet shared his "Rules to Live By" with the students and explained how these rules shape his life. "I spoke about three rules that I have tried to follow in my life which are to be kind, be trustworthy, and to take every opportunity to learn good things. We had a good discussion about how I came to value these rules and how living by them affects my life. The students were all great and I hope this is a project that they incorporate into their lives."

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Security Awareness for Maine Businesses - The Highlights
Posted on 11/23/2015 10:42:34 AM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Clough, the Vice President, Information Security Officer at Gorham Savings Bank and Randy Porter, IT Director with Alexander & Schmidt at a MTUG free online webinar. This webinar was focused on ‘Security Awareness for Maine Businesses' and how small to medium sized businesses can learn about security training and tips. In case you missed this informative webinar, I've given you the highlights here.

During the presentation, Jeremy Clough shared his experience in maintaining information security of Gorham Savings Bank. He explained a few of the major cybercrime methods that are popular among hackers. Phishing is built on a person receiving an email or text from a source they believe to be trustworthy so they click on the link or attachment and malware is downloaded onto their computer. Watering Hole Attacks are when hackers infect an entire website so all someone has to do is visit a website that is already infected and their computer will be attacked.

Randy Porter spoke about the three ways an organization can increase security awareness and create a basic Security Program. The first step is creating Policy Awareness. Randy suggested that sending security updates, providing security information to new hires and adding articles in the company's newsletter are all ways to increase policy awareness. The second step is providing Access Control Awareness. Simple things like reminding employees to change their password every few months is extremely important to avoiding intrusions. It is also important that employees only receive access to certain sites that are necessary for their particular role. And finally, Vulnerability Management Awareness is very important.

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What is Spear Phishing?
Used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Nadia Kovacs

Spear phishing isn't what you do when you're on vacation in Hawaii. It's a targeted attack on your personal information. An updated version of the old trick "phishing," where scam artists simply ask you for your password or other private information, spear phishing takes this trick to the next level, using social engineering. Before you respond to that email asking for you to verify your address or other personal information, read this article to protect yourself against spear phishing.

What Is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing effectively uses all the data that's on the Internet about you to lull you into an inappropriate sense of comfort before attempting to get your personal information. Because this technique is so successful, it accounts for approximately 91 percent of all phishing in the United States today.

Think about it: How much about you is on the Internet? First, there's all the stuff you post on social media, everything from where you grew up, to the name of your first pet, to your birthday. All of that is useful information for the spear phisher. What's more, there's all the apps you connect with on social media. We're talking about things like "What City Are You?" quizzes on Facebook. Just about anyone can set up an app like that on Facebook and have the personal information rolling in.

Once the spear phisher has all this personal information about you, they send you an email. It doesn't look like a normal piece of spam. In fact, it might look very much like an email from a friend of yours, or something specifically written to you from a company you do business with. They might even inquire about a purchase you recently made online.

How Do You Protect Yourself Against Spear Phishing?

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November 2015
Winxnet Hosts Local Students and Speaks About Rules to Live By
Security Awareness for Maine Businesses - The Highlights
What is Spear Phishing?
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Oran Drake joins Winxnet as a Field Technician working at one of our client sites in South Boston. Oran was most recently employed with "The Ride" where he was a MBTA van driver. He has a Associates Degree in Computer Networking Systems and a Bachelors Degree Information Security Systems both which he obtained from ITT Tech in Wilmington Mass. His knowledge and passion for IT will help Winxnet continue to provide the best service to its clients as the company continues its rapid growth.

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