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Winxnet Launches SQL Server Health Check Diagnostic

Winxnet Launches SQL Server Health Check Diagnostic

New solution identifies, assesses, and quantifies risk based on all factors that impact database availability and performance

July 30, 2013

PORTLAND, Maine, July 30, 2013 —Winxnet, an IT outsourcing and consulting firm that supports the complete IT strategy and services needs of small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the launch of their new SQL Server Health Check diagnostic.
For organizations that store customer, product, employee, and operations information in databases, the viability of their business is dependent on the integrity and health of those databases. “In the line of work that we are in, we have seen all too often how quickly a business can grind to a halt when employees and customers are unable to access critical information from a database,” said John Kitonis, Business Practice Lead for Winxnet’s Database and Custom Application Development Team. “Databases are a lot like boats – they may be fine for a while, but unless you are consistently maintaining them, one day they will probably just decide to stop working and the implications could be disastrous.”
Winxnet’s SQL Server Health Check diagnostic is designed to help organizations avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Developed by Winxnet’s SQL Server experts, it is a comprehensive assessment that identifies, evaluates, and quantifies risk based on all factors that influence the availability and performance of SQL Server databases. The diagnostic assesses SQL Server environments on 17 dimensions spanning five major areas: CPU, Memory, Disk, Configuration, and Application Performance. It yields health scores for each of these areas and provides detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of the SQL Server environment. Once the diagnostic is complete, Winxnet experts review the results and make specific recommendations for addressing all areas of risk.
“There are so many approaches to configuring database environments and so many hardware and middleware technologies are at play, that existing tools are unable to provide a complete view of all areas of risk exposure,” added Kitonis. “We developed SQL Server Health Check to understand and work through the complexity, and that allows us to uncover the hidden risks that are usually the ultimate cause of failure.”
Beyond just helping organizations address risk, SQL Server Health Check also identifies efficiency improvements, which can eliminate the need for additional hardware. The diagnostic also provides visibility into disaster recovery preparedness and produces supporting data that organizations often need when making technology investment decisions.
Winxnet also offers a 24/7 SQL Monitoring solution, which leverages Health Check technology to track critical SQL Server activity and alert technicians to heightened risks before they impact a business.

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