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Winxnet Launches Security Health Check Solution

This is an excellent entry level solution for businesses interested in starting 2015 with a clear roadmap to better security

December 15, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine – December 15, 2014 — Today Winxnet, an IT outsourcing and consulting firm that supports the complete IT strategy and service needs of small and mid-sized businesses, announced the launch of their new Security Health Check tool.  Winxnet Security, led by Vice President of Security, Dr. Eugene Slobodzian, will oversee the deployment and content of this solution.

“This has been another record year for information security breaches in businesses of all sizes,” said Dr. Slobodzian. “This Security Health Check is an excellent solution for businesses interested in starting 2015 with a clear roadmap to better security.”

Winxnet’s Security Health Check is designed as a first step for any company that doesn’t yet have a solid cyber-security initiative.  Developed by Winxnet Security, the tool will provide a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s current information security posture, and show business leaders steps they need to take to stay ahead of the threat landscape.

“It is not a matter of ‘if’ a breach will happen, but ‘when’,” added Dr. Slobodzian. “We developed the Heath Check in order to help businesses be better prepared against the ever changing threats, so that they have sound processes in place to reduce the risks and limit the harm these breaches may cause.”

In addition to the Security Health Check, Winxnet also offers Managed Security Services that expand the technologies behind the Health Check to track critical assets on a continuous basis, giving businesses an effective defense against persistent threats. This solution is fueled by a team and a process guided by Dr. Slobodzian, who, with his decades of experience in the Information Security industry, is recognized as one of the most accomplished experts in the region.


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