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Winxnet Launches Managed Security Service

New service will bridge the gap between the need for vigilance and the operational realities faced by businesses today

February 18, 2015

PORTLAND, Maine, February 18, 2015 —Winxnet, an IT outsourcing and consulting firm that supports the complete IT strategy and services needs of small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the launch of their new Managed Security Service.

The Managed Security Solution is ideal for organizations that wish to have consistency, reliability and predictability in the protection of their information. “Data breaches are becoming more common, complex and larger in scope,” said Dr. Eugene Slobodzian, Vice President of Winxnet Security. “Knowing that resources are a limited commodity in many organizations, a solid information security program can help reduce the stress placed on these organizations and increase their protection from threats.”

Information Security is more than just a piece of hardware or software.  Recent breaches have shown that even the best firewall and antivirus can’t fully protect your environment alone. Winxnet’s Managed Security combines expertise, software and proven processes to address the ever-changing threat landscape. Unlike traditional once or twice a year audits, Winxnet’s Managed Security delivers continuous security and immediate response support to ensure timely identification and resolution of issues. Winxnet’s experienced security team will also help businesses create a culture of security in their organizations. This holistic approach to IT Security is paramount to creating a complete model of protection.  With IT and security skills at a premium and the sheer complexity of growing technologies, a quality Managed Security service allows businesses the peace of mind that comes with a trusted IT Security partner, so that they can focus on their own core competencies.

“A strong information security program should not be a ‘set it and forget it’ model, and certainly should go beyond a one-time purchase of a firewall or antivirus,” added Dr. Slobodzian. “We developed our Managed Security offering for businesses who simply do not have the time and resources to deal with these technologies themselves and wish to find consistent protection at a predictable and reasonable cost.”  Winxnet CEO Chris Claudio said, “Winxnet has earned the reputation as a Best-in-Class Managed Services company, and our Managed Security service offers the same integrity, experience and reliability that Winxnet is known for.”

Winxnet also offers a Security Health Check for businesses who are not sure if they are ready for a full Managed Security engagement. The Security Health Check is a perfect entry-level tool for organizations to begin to get a clearer picture of an Information Security Program.