Winxnet University – Cybersecurity and Social Engineering

Portland Country Club, Falmouth Maine

Next week, Winxnet will be holding a Winxnet University educational lunch and learn event on the topic of ‘Cybersecurity and Social Engineering.’ Technology is constantly changing, and Winxnet University is a program we are offering exclusively to our Premier Care and Select Care customers to help navigate IT complexities and trends.

In this presentation, Dr. Eugene Slobodzian, our VP of Security, will talk about the phenomenon of social engineering, show common examples of attacks, as well as review “best bang for your buck” controls you can use to mitigate the risk from those and other threats, covering both technical and human factor aspects of security.

Winxnet will be raffling two $50 Amazon Gift Cards to those who attend this event!

This lunch and learn will be held on Wednesday, September 19th from 12PM to 1:30PM at the Portland Country Club in Falmouth, Maine.

To join us for this fantastic learning opportunity, please contact Suzanne Murphy or your Account Executive.

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