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Common Types of Cyber Security Attacks

Posted on 9/7/2016 9:47:42 AM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian
Category: Security & Compliance

Lately, I’ve noticed an alarming increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, most notably spear phishing. This increased effort and sophistication of this type of attack is a disturbing trend. However, there are always plenty of red flags that a well- trained, informed and vigilant staff can spot.

Let’s take a closer look at these and other types of common attacks:

  1. PhishingPhishing is a method hackers use to gain unauthorized access to company resources. The most common method is email, but it can occur by phone or in person. Recently, more sophisticated social engineering scam email messages don’t have bad English, low quality graphics, or obviously suspicious links. Sometimes they look practically identical to legitimate messages.

  2. Baiting -- Baiting involves getting past your defenses by making you feel you are in control of the interaction. Because you initiate the contact yourself, you feel safe. Baiting often leads to downloading malware that allows the hacker to advance into your system.

  3. Pretexting -- Pretexting involves someone impersonating someone who would normally be granted access or privilege. They attack may pose as a customer, an authority figure in your company, or a maintenance person. For example, someone from your IT department contacts you via phone or email requesting you to install a patch via a link, or asks for your username and password to install the patch on your PC.

It is important to understand that breaches and attacks are inevitable—criminals are always finding new ways to break in. If you don't feel like your organization is where it needs to be from a security standpoint, then it's time for a serious conversation. The Winxnet Security Team and your Account Manager are available to answer any questions you may have.