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Ransomware: Steps to Help Prevent a Malicious Attack

Posted on 4/11/2017 9:09:26 AM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian
Category: Security & Compliance

Winxnet security specialists have recently noticed an alarming increase in the number of ransomware cases reported. Ransomware is a particularly harmful form of malicious software (malware) that is intended to compromise computer systems and is a top threat for many organizations.

Almost all security issues begin with human error, not computer malfunctions. Even though your organization can never be 100% secure, it is important to create enough controls and provide security training to make your organization more resilient.

While it is not possible to eliminate the risk entirely, there are controls you can put in place to reduce it:

  1. Backups. Just because you think your data is getting backed up, it does not mean it’s true. Take some time to assure that backups send completion notices, and, most importantly, practice test restores periodically. If you don’t test, you don’t have backup.
  2. Education & Training. Periodic security awareness training is by far the most effective measure to put in place that will reduce your company’s susceptibility to attack. Most compromises start with a click of a mouse so be sure you take the time to educate your organization about security.
  3. Filtering. Restrictive Internet access policies are a great control to reduce the risk associate with many attacks, but can be resource intensive to administer. There is a gamut of available solutions, ranging from anti-virus and browser controls to enterprise-wide adaptive web proxies.

Those are just a few things to consider among many more. If you feel as though your organization is not where it needs to be to protect your organization and data, then it’s time for a conversation with our security experts.