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Prepare for What’s Ahead in 2016

Posted on 12/30/2015 9:35:16 AM by Chris Claudio
Category: Managed Services & Outsourcing

As 2015 has now officially left us forever, developing a strategic IT plan for 2016 is necessary and should already be complete if not well underway. I am a passionate IT strategist and avid about how technology can be used as a competitive advantage and a strategic tool for an organization. As many of you hone your execution plans for 2016, it is important that you and your leadership teams begin (or continue) to see IT as a strategic requirement in your organization and as a result, invest wisely in IT initiatives.

The current pace of technological change has forced a paradigm shift in how both IT leaders and executives view technology.  Not only is technology a requirement in nearly every business on the planet, but it is clearly a difference maker in competitive scenarios.  As a result, it has become impossible to maintain organizational excellence in IT without incorporating the following tenets into IT and business planning:

  1. Vision – In order to take your organization to the next level, you and your leadership team need to develop a strategic vision for the company as a whole and how technology plays a supporting role. Your vision doesn’t necessarily need to be utopic, but certainly ambitious enough to drive some challenging planning and associated activities.
  1. Strategy – IT should be utilized as Business Strategy within your organization. Create a strategy ensuring that everything that happens is driven by business initiatives that will help your company reach your ultimate vision.
  1. Innovation – Technology is always changing and evolving, and as a result so is the role of IT in an organization. Modernizing your IT and trying new methods or ideas is pivotal to enhancing the role of IT in your organization. CIOs and other technology leaders who fail to evolve their departments will struggle in this rapidly changing technology environment.
  1. Process – Enforcing processes at your organization is crucial for maintaining IT excellence. These processes need to be predictable, repeatable and teachable so your employees can implement them without difficulty and in turn should be tightly integrated with your technology. Process however must be followed by governance in order to be effective. 
  1. Good Tools – The selection and leveraging of good tools is equally as important as the softer tenets discussed above. Maximizing the use of technology to automate, streamline and optimize functional IT across an organization can significantly transform the impact of technology across all facets of a business.
  1. Great People – I can’t stress enough the value of great people and the success they breed.  This success starts with strong business and IT leadership who help cultivate a culture of accountability and excellence.

Transforming and optimizing IT management and delivery is a common theme in nearly every organization we touch.  The impacts of a highly functional technology strategy can be profound.  If you feel as though you should be getting more out of technology than you currently are today, explore your options.