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The Transformation of IT Management and Delivery: Part One

Posted on 6/19/2015 8:13:57 AM by Chris Claudio
Category: Managed Services & Outsourcing

In May, I had the opportunity to speak to IT executives and professionals at the annual MTUG IT Summit and Tradeshow on the topic of ‘The Transformation of IT Management and Delivery.’ It was energizing to be around professionals and other technology enthusiasts. In addition to the environment, it was also a privilege to speak alongside Dan McCormack, CEO of InterMed and Eugene Slobodzian, Vice President of Winxnet Security. Our collective experiences throughout the evolution of IT delivery as well as great questions from the crowd lead to a lively discussion.

As a recovering “IT guy” I am passionate about how technology has changed over the last decade. IT has evolved tremendously and is now seen as a competitive advantage. Many organizations use technology as a strategic tool that can them focus on optimizing their actual business rather than worrying about their changing technology needs.

Dan McCormack from InterMed focused on how his organization has leveraged technology to help improve patient care across their entire patient population. InterMed and Winxnet have partnered for nearly six plus years and collectively continue to innovate and transform the delivery of healthcare in the community. Eugene Slobodzian from Winxnet wrapped up the presentation by focusing on the importance of security within an organization.

From my presentation, here are two major elements to understand about the transformation of IT:

  1. The IT Method and Delivery Platform – The role of IT in the organization has changed. Keeping the lights on is no longer seen as a valuable accomplishment and, increasingly, low-level technology skills are commoditized, outsourced, and/or hosted in the cloud. This change enables IT resources to focus on more strategic, project-focused work which requires a highly qualified skill set. Modernizing your IT organizational structure is pivotal to enhancing the role of IT in your organization. Organizations that fail to evolve their departments will not be able to keep up with competitors and will eventually become irrelevant.
  1. Transforming Healthcare Delivery – The ever-increasing data points within patient profiles and efficiently utilizing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are empowering progressive healthcare organizations to leverage technology to improve the welfare of patients.  Physicians know how to take care of their patients.  By leveraging data and technology, a medical practice can focus on caring for an entire patient population through predictive analytics, timely care management models and extraordinary proactive patient engagement.  The results are measurable and undeniably better for all of us as patients.

If you feel as though your business is not leveraging technology as an enabler and IT is more of a headache than a strategic tool, this may be a great time to evaluate the critical role technology should be playing for you and your organization.

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