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Don't Forget! Lock Your Computer

Posted on 1/17/2017 11:59:06 AM by Dr. Eugene Slobodzian
Category: Security & Compliance

When it comes to security, there are a lot of technologies and tactics that can help keep your organization and data secure. If you work in an industry with regulations about privacy, such as a hospital, financial institution, or company that possess sensitive information, leaving your computer unlocked could have serious consequences.

Although you may trust all of your employees, often you can’t be 100% certain who is coming in and out of the office. Wandering eyes aren’t outside the realm of possibility and there’s no reason to make it easier for sensitive information to get in the hands of the wrong person, even if they do work for your organization. Getting into the habit of locking your computer is even more important when you are working outside of the office.

According to a study by NetStandard, at least one in three employees said they leave their computers logged on and unlocked when away from their desk, either at lunch or when they’ve gone home for the evening. The Identity Theft Resource Center stated that in 2016, there was a total of 980 breaches with over 35 million records exposed.

My advice is to get in the habit of locking your computer, mobile or any other device. Locking your computer while you’re away will help protect confidential documents, client information, financial records or other sensitive data. Next time you leave your computer unlocked, just remember anyone can gain access to your documents and other sensitive information. When you get up, just remember to lock it – it is as easy as pressing two buttons together! Make it a habit.

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