About Winxnet

Winxnet is passionate about leveraging technology to deliver solutions and value for our clients

Winxnet is an IT outsourcing and consulting firm with offices across New England and the Southeast.  We work with corporations, healthcare organizations, non-profits and public sector entities of all sizes.  We believe that providing IT services is about more than just keeping information secure and systems and devices operational. Our business is based on establishing relationships with our clients, understanding the challenges and then helping solve even the most complex of problems.

We Innovate and Inspire

Since 1999, Winxnet has been driven by the principles of integrity, innovation and excellence. We constantly aspire for greatness and as a result consistently innovate in partnerships with our clients to produce extraordinary results.

Transforming the Delivery and Management of IT

Technology can be a powerful enabler that, when done right, allows organizations to rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively achieve their business objectives and realize their potential. 

By working together with clients that share this perspective, IT initiatives bring substantially more value to the organization in the form of:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Lower risk
  • Greater ROI on technology initiatives
  • Leveraging technology to achieve strategic business objectives

This transformation doesn’t happen by chance or simply by changing the way one thinks about IT.  It is driven by:

  • A fundamental change in the approach to IT, which focuses on understanding our client's business first and aligning our recommendations to achieve strategic objectives
  • A process focus – apply mature, proven processes to produce measureable results
  • The best technology to address the need – letting needs of clients drive technology decisions
  • Great people – dedicated to doing what’s right for clients, certified professionals that go above and beyond with a focus on listening first, then communicating; a committed team of experts in their technologies who genuinely care about the clients they service